Buffalo garden gets eight-page spread in national magazine

The summer 2010 issue of Garden Ideas and Outdoor Living (a Better Homes & Gardens Specialty Publication) features the Victorian garden of Jennifer & Jim Guercio, on Delavan Avenue, including many photos and an overhead, illustrated, map of their city property.

The garden is a VERY popular stop on Garden Walk Buffalo each year, attracting 3-4,000 visitors. That's 3-4,000 visitors for this garden alone!

Jennifer & Jim are gracious hosts, providing lemonade, dressing in Victorian garb (handmade by Jennifer) and find time to talk to and answer questions for any visitor. Even if they have to tell the same story or plant name 3-4,000 times.

Jennifer & Jim work tirelessly each year to maintain this wonderful garden. But they also do find the time to enjoy it on their own, and with friends. Like any of us, their life gets hectic and overwhelming. But I think the care of this house & garden is their baseline -- the thing they look forward to working on that is normal for them. It is how they send time together.

They've also told me that sharing their garden with visitors is what they do for a city they absolutely love. If they can impress upon visitors that Buffalo, especially the Elmwood Village area, is an impressive place to live, they feel they've done their civic duty.

Jennifer is the artist. Jim is the builder. The guy can build anything.

Nearly anyone that knows anything about gardening in this area knows this garden. It's been on television, the Convention & Visitors Bureau has shot the garden for promotional materials, and the front yard of this garden has been shot for a large national magazine to be published in a future issue.

Jennifer drops some of her great garden tips in this article. You can pick up this magazine up where ever you find good garden magazines.

The photographer was Andreas Trauttmansdorf, from Toronto. The story producer was photo stylist, scout & producer, Donna Talley.The editor of the magazine is Rochester, NY native, Luke Miller, who is a contributing blogger at Every Day Gardeners.

This garden is a regional asset ... as are Jennifer & Jim.