Horticulture magazine article on GW

altThere's a six-page article about Garden Walk Buffalo (written by our own Elizabeth Licata, of Garden Rant/Gardening While Intoxicated) in the current issue of Horticulture (June/July 2010).

The article covers the tour that inspired ours, Chicago's Sheffield Garden Walk; our founders, Marvin Lunenfeld & Gail McCarthy; the tour's growth over the years; the fact that it is "utterly free of the white-glove exclusivity that pervades many tours of private gardens;" the work of the Garden Walk Committee; its game-changing nature as it applies to Buffalo's image; and descriptions of what you'll find on the Walk itself.

Photos of the gardens of these homes were used in the article:

• 755 West Delavan Avenue
• 415 Summer Street
• 167 Richmond
• 16 Rabin Terrace
• 587 Breckenridge
• 215 Lancaster Avenue.

The best part of the article, is not so much about our Walk, and what it does for Buffalo, but what you will see and learn by visiting this particular garden tour. It does a great job of laying out what makes this walk unique -- challenging conceptions of what a garden can be: big things can happen in small spaces, you don't need grass; and great design doesn't have to cost a cent.

And besides Elizabeth, Garden Walk Buffalo cannot thank enough the contribution of Don Zinteck's photography used in the article.

Horticulture, the country's oldest gardening magazine, is based in Boston and has a circulation just under a quarter million.