Sustainability in Action

altSaturday, August 5, 2017, 10am-3pm

Want to see what Buffalo is doing to be ‘Green’? This tour highlights eight strong environment-friendly approaches to achieving ‘green’ responsibility within the city.

From the community-based rooftop garden above the historic Broadway market to a million dollar project on Lake Erie, from the ecological land revival at the Central Terminal to the reclaimed residential sites that now feature urban farms, from the neighborhood rain gardens to the bio-retention cell on the Medical Campus which are helping to save the sewer system - these projects proudly acclaim a solid commitment to environmental improvements and successes.

As Buffalo continues to reinvent itself, we can be proud of the proliferation of these kinds of projects. They represent the new vision that has influenced the use of available land toward more environmentally conscious use.

See what is happening and personally meet each site leader!

Cost: $35, includes round-trip transportation, tour guides, tip, and a box lunch.

Transportation: Via non-air-conditioned school bus with two rest stops taken during tour.

Pick-up: Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus parking lot, 589 Ellicott Street at Goodell Street, with free parking onsite.

Online tickets and reservations:

GardenTour | 35 USD

Tour Stops If you're unable to join us for the guided tour on August 5, you can visit the sites on your own: