Garden Essays

How Garden, House and I Finally Nestled in Together
by David Bender, 167 Richmond Avenue
David Bender

My garden is less what I did with the space than the result of a close collaboration between me, a fabulous plant guy, and a super architect.

It caused a kitchen renovation, evolved beyond anything I imagined, and improved my living enormously. For me, the lesson is - join hands with a professional; two can do better than either alone. I’ll sketch how the whole thing evolved, but keep in mind that nothing like it would ever have happened without all three of us playing our parts.

It all started in 1894

I moved to Buffalo in ’76, to an apartment next door. The next summer, 167 Richmond had an open house. I looked in, was smitten, and bought on the spot.(Me, a lifelong student, never lived in anything other than a 2-room apartment!) It was a gorgeous 1894 prosperous burgher’s home, all original never-painted woodwork, owned by only one family from the time it was built.

Where I Garden
215 Lancaster Avenue(I have a gardening blog I contribute to a couple times a week ( Garden bloggers around the world all take on one topic occassionally. This is my post in response to one of them - the Garden Bloggers Geography Project.)

By Jim Charlier, 215 Lancaster Avenue

Rather than focus on the city, I’d rather focus in on my neighborhood, the Elmwood Village area, about a one-mile radius from where my garden lies.

Most already have preconceived ideas about Buffalo, NY, which probably includes the Buffalo Bills, snow, Buffalo wings (here in Buffalo, we just call ’em chicken wings), the Sabres, Lake Erie and more snow.